Jet To No Where

Help me find out if I am on a Jet To No where…or just on stand by.

Homemaker? What the hell is that?

What defines a homemaker? Stay at home mom? Self inflicted babysitter or daycare worker? Everyone morning I wake up is like the movie “Groundhog Day”. How many more loads of laundry can one single human being do in one single day?  Cooking 3 to 4 times a day is the devil’s way of saying you suck and you know it. Why swiffer and mop the tile floors everyday? They are just going to be dirty again tomorrow. Drooling. Teething. Doctor’s appointments. Dentist appointments. Class Trips. Fundraisers. Homwork. Baths. Playdates. PTA. Clean clothes. Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner. Watch me Mom! Look at this Mom! Get that for me Mom! Give this to me Mom! Get out of there! Give me that! No, no, no Danger! 

Is this what I signed up for? Am I allowed to feel like a contestant on the 22nd day of Survivor…no shower, deodorant or make-up, help, confused and exhausted at all times? I did decide to do this, after all. This is all my fault. I asked for it. Yo may have asked for it too.

The repetitiveness of my everyday life is slowing drowning me.

What did I do to make it go so very wrong?

Yesterday I went to bed at 16 years old and I woke up 39. I thought I had more time to do everything I wanted to.  What happened?

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