Jet To No Where

Help me find out if I am on a Jet To No where…or just on stand by.

So, I have this friend…..

I have this friend….she has a few kids and has no car right now. She stays in the house all day long. I don’t know how she does it.

Oh yea, I do know how she does it…..lots of cleaning and Xanax.

When you have a car, you take for granted the fact that if you need to run up to the store and get a gallon of milk, you can. When you don’t have a car…it’s a living nightmare. I’m sure lots of people live everyday without the luxury of a vehicle, but when you are used to a way of life and it suddenly is gone…it takes it’s toll after a few months. Cabin Fever is a real mental illness. The idea of being trapped….not even bus or taxi service for miles….is haunting and isolating.

She is saving for a down payment on another car and is about a month away from her goal, but until then…especially on a beautiful day like today in Florida…being stuck inside in the middle of nowhere is depressing.

Yea, yea…everyone is saying….”Well, at least she still has a home, lots of people are losing theirs.” ….Or…”Her husband is still working and making good money….lots of families don’t even have that.”

It doesn’t make her feel any better. Asking family and friends for rides or use of their vehicles is degrading, to a point. Feeling dependent on others and like a failure is a horrible feeling. No matter which way I look at it….her situation sucks.

People can adapt extremely well to completely negative change ….just by looking at the positive and knowing that this too shall pass.

I would offer her my car, but, as you may have already guessed….this is my story.

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