Jet To No Where

Help me find out if I am on a Jet To No where…or just on stand by.

Who’s Afraid of Virginia……..Pig?!?

So, now we have the Swine Flu. Not the Avian Flu…..the Swine Flu. Something not seen in almost 30 years, so some people will not be capable of fighting it off. May it be a chronic illness, the very young or the elderly. So far, we have been lucky and no one has died here in the US. But is that about to change? Has the media scared us to the point of no return?

Well, they have certainly got to my husband. Yesterday he said to me this: “I think we should home school Jakob (he’s 8).” I said, “What’s this “we”? Do you have a fucking mouse in your pocket because I don’t see you staying home from work and home schooling anyone?”

Should I be scared? Jakob is now….thanks to his dad. He overheard it all and is stating the Mexico statistics and US ones as well. He said he doesn’t want to get sick and die. I assured him that he will be fine…that no one here has died….that Mexico doesn’t have the medical care and hospitals we have and we will be OK. If I get the Swine Flu, I’m dead. I don’t have the immune system because of my heart disease. Should I, living in Florida with a large population of Mexican people who do travel back and forth….should I be scared? Do I wait until there is a case here to keep Jake home? Once it starts in the school system…forget it…it’s going to be nuts and people will become unreasonable.

My girlfriend in St. Pete, Florida told me that two of her kids are sick with flu-like symptoms. I just now heard on the news that the median age of people that are infected is 16 years old. The symptoms are just the same as any other flu…so what now?

Now, Dr. Sanjay Gupta has a model from a few years ago showing how it may be expected to spread….should that scare me?…..because it does. Tami flu is supposed to halt it significantly, but how are you supposed to halt something that you already have?  He is in Mexico City…which is crazy to me even if it is his job….dictating all the possible treatments and outcomes.

My point is this: Is the media helping or hurting us? We need to know …yes…..but do we need to be told every tiny possible detail? Is this a crisis yet? The government had the Avian flu scare in 2006, but it never amounted to much.

Dr. Louis Sullivan, who used to work for the CDC, says we are moderatly prepared for this strain, but it’s not “excellent”.  On Twitter….Dr. Drew, Anderson Cooper…even Perez Hilton are talking about the Swine flu.  It’s everywhere in every medium.

So how do we decide on when to really panic?

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