Jet To No Where

Help me find out if I am on a Jet To No where…or just on stand by.

It’s Not A Tumor…..

Umm, yea, it is.

My nephew is 24 and was just diagnosed with a brain tumor. He is having surgery next Wednesday. I don’t know all the details or possible outcomes…etc….., but I do know this:

He is twenty-four years old. I don’t really remember much of my 20’s, but when you’re 24, married with 3 kids and one on the way…a brain tumor is very inconvenient. I’m not making light of his situation…he is joking about it too. What else is he supposed to do? Cry? Scream? Get angry? None of that will change his condition and for twenty-four years old with a brain tumor, he is really calm. This is where I just do not understand why things like this happen to young people. This is where God comes into the equation.

I have read the book, Embraced by the Light, by Bettie J. Eadie.

On her About Me page it says this:

When I was 31, I died in a hospital after undergoing surgery. What happened next has been called by some, “the most profound near-death experience ever.” Well, it was certainly most profound for me, anyway. I journeyed to a beautiful world beyond this life. I met Jesus there. He gave me a message to give to others when I returned. In my book, Embraced By The Light, I share that message. I describe the wonderful places I visited and the loving people that welcomed me.

I remember that her whole experience of a near death experience was a few minutes, maybe less, but she was able to describe, in such rich detail, all of the people she met in her life that had passed and all of the questions she had asked and had answered. Whether you believe in God, Jesus or whatever higher power, the answers she was given by her God were truly amazing.

She asked this: If God was so giving, caring and loving, why did he let things like childhood molestation, starvation, rape, murder, crib death, etc….why did “He” allow this all to happen?

The answer was this: We are all given the opportunity before we are born to choose our own destiny. We do not remember this, but what we choose is significant in g=how it teaches other people about life. Essentially, we are helping others even before we know we are. So, she wonders in the book, why would anyone choose to be molested or murdered or a casualty of a tornado? The answer was to teach other people about how we should treat each other….to better others…to make people stronger than they were. I guess if I choose to have a heart condition that was supposed to kill me before I was 6 months old….it did make my mother a stronger person. I managed to stay alive until 10 years old to have open heart surgery and was fine until the more recent heart condition of Congestive Heart Failure and the requirement of a pacemaker. This all made my mother the strongest person I have ever known. This has also made me just like her. My mother may have been certifiably insane her entire life, but she was intelligent, thoughtful and would give you the shirt off her back knowing it was her last shirt. She took shit from no one and went to any lengths to get what she was entitled to. My sisters and I always joked that she was a letter-writing-mother-fucker. Now I am too.

So, I am wondering what this brain tumor is supposed to teach my nephew, his wife, their children, all of our other relatives? If he choose this before he even knew it, why did he choose this? If the outcome is good…what will it do? Bring the family closer? Help other family members appreciate life more? And what if the outcome is bad? Will it teach all of us that life is precious and not to waste it? Not to take advantage of the opportunities that we have? To be more caring and thoughful of others?

Whatever the answer is I am praying for the best….he is young with a family and deserves it….even if he may have choosen this as his path.

I will be unavailable the weekend….no post or quotes…sorry…..

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