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Help me find out if I am on a Jet To No where…or just on stand by.

Quote of The Day

There’s something in every atheist, itching to believe, and something in every believer, itching to doubt.

–Mignon McLaughlin

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2 thoughts on “Quote of The Day

  1. prestonleigh on said:

    Eternal Damnation – Is it really a far fetched idea?

    The thought of a person burning in torment throughout eternal without a second of rest is a little hard to believe. It is hard to believe especially when this torment is due to their not being perfect on earth. For we think that it is impossible for any of us to be perfect here on earth. How can we be perfect, when we are but only human? Even if man did naughty things on earth, but how could a loving God ever send such a person to burn without mercy, without end, with no hope of ever escaping. What could a mere human being do that could demand such a response from God? Unless the person committed the atrocities of Hitler they simply do not deserve such a conclusion.

    Such way of thinking is the result of man making himself the judge. In his limited understanding without all of the facts he has determined what is just and what is not just.
    Is it impossible for God to create all things perfect and in agreement with Him? Can God give His intelligent living beings the option not to serve Him? Serving God by choice they are forewarned of the consequence of not serving Him. Is this idea an impossibility?

    God in His Word tells us that He created all things in perfect harmony with Him. Some intelligent living beings willfully rebel against Him. God made a way of escape for man but man must chose to accept the way of escape.

    The law of God is in effect for eternity. When a sin is committed it is in violation of the law until the penalty is for the sin is paid. If man does not place his sins on Jesus Christ then his sins are never forgiven. For eternity the sins are in violation with the law and for eternity they will be served justice.
    The essence of eternal damnation is that the justice of God demands that all which is contrary to His law be served justice. His mercy allows man a chance to place his sins at the cross. Once man leaves earth there is no plan of salvation in the next life. If man dies in his sins there is no divinely ordained method nor possibility of escape. Ever.

    Have your sins been forgiven?


    • alexandra vader on said:

      I am not quite sure if you are agreeing with the possibility that God is forgiving because man created doctrines just to suit judgements of society. Or…..
      Do you believe the final sentence in your comment: “Once man leaves earth there is no plan of salvation in the next life. If man dies in his sins there is no divinely ordained method nor possibility of escape. Ever.”
      If God is merciful and just, then I do believe that he forgives even the most heineous of crimes. The question of my sins being forgiven is up to Him. I do believe I have done more good than not and He knows what I have done…right or wrong. I am not questioning his existence, mercy or wisdom, no matter who god may be to someone (i.e. Allah, Mohammed, etc….)…I question man’s motives to create rules that neither God nor Jesus would be pleased with.


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