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Khalid Sheikh Mohammed and Daniel Pearl

I just finished watching A Mighty Heart. This is the film accounting the life and death of Wall Street Journalist Daniel Pearl. It was horrifying and emotional.  I did not realize how affected I would become by this film.

The ending indicated that the person responsible for his actual beheading was Khalid Sheikh Mohammed. It also stated that he is currenting residing at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. I did some research and found this to be true.

This is what really has me scared for our country:

Our government wants to close Gitmo. We are talking about terrorists. They are in Gitmo for a reason…they are the worst or the worst. Charles Manson and Ted Bundy were not sent there. They chose their victims. Terrorists have absolutely zero sanctity for human life. They don’t care who you are, what you do or if you’re a child…they just kill. That’s why they are in fucking Cuba! Where are all these assholes going to go?

Everyone so easily forgets the innocent people who were so brutally murdered by these terrorists…and people are crying about waterboarding them? If waterboarding a terrorist will provide vital information to stop future attacks…then let it be done. Terrorists are trained to sustain a huge amount of torture. Why? Because they know exactly what they would do to someone in their captivity and assume the same may be done to them if captured. Don’t even think for one minute that people held by these terrorists are treated with any regard for humanity. Torture is their masterpiece….and they have painted with the blood of innocent people…like Daniel Pearl.

Right now, I am ashamed of what a pussy America is becoming. A once feared power and force to reckoned with is now turning into a society of pacifists that would rather be known for 3 hots and a cot than getting down to the business of keeping our country safe.

I did not like much of anything that George W. Bush had done in his eight years as president. Buy I will give him the utmost respect for keeping me, my family and The United States of America safe after 9/11.

What the hell has gone so wrong so very fast?,8599,1545441,00.html


Awesome Video!


In rememberance of all those who have given the ultimate sacrifice…9/11/2001

To live in hearts we leave behind….. Is not to die.

~Thomas Campbell, “Hallowed Ground”

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