Jet To No Where

Help me find out if I am on a Jet To No where…or just on stand by.

I am an American and I have papers to prove it. Where are yours?

This was an email sent to me from an acquaintance. My response is what follows.

From: alicia bobulinski <>
Sent: Sun, April 25, 2010 10:51:04 PM
Subject: Show me your papers

Show me Your Papers

What has happened in Arizona is shameful. This is Not American! They have gone too far. We all know that with each new wave of “immigrants” there is almost a sense of “you have to pay your dues”. There is name calling and finger pointing and claims of this group this time will end America as we know it. This has not happened, we are still here we are stronger for having the previous immigrants be a part of us. This is the country of immigrants! Starting with the people who came here from England. The treatment of the Native Americans who were already here is nothing we want to repeat.

This bill 1070 which the Governor signed is but of course “Racial Profiling”, how can it not! This is opening the door to a lot of potential human rights violations and potential violence. In Arizona, are the police going to stop a blue eye blonde hair person, and ask to see their papers? This act of what I can only call blatant racism, is not something that we, the people can just let slide by. We don’t want to go backwards, this is not working towards the good of mankind.

If our government knew that we would have this influx of immigrants coming here, if our government was somehow in part responsible for driving out the people from their homes their countries, forcing them to go where they can find work to merely survive. If our government allowed to have institutions “prisons” built to house entire families, would we not then have a moral responsibility to do what we can to come up with a Fair Comprehensive Immigration Reform, now not later.

I do believe in the people of America, I do believe that most of us are kind people, only wanting to be allowed to work and take care of our families. We deserve to know truth, we deserve to not be led down a road that other countries have shown us to be wrong. What Hitler did was wrong, what Stalin did was wrong, what Idi Amin did was wrong, what the Governor of Arizona has done is wrong. Unlike the latter we in the land of the free and the land of the brave can and must stop this apparent hatred that some are trying to spread. We do not and can not go down a road where a massive amount of people will be hurt. We are much better than that, we do not yet live in the land of fear. If ever there were a time when the peaceful people need to stand up I believe this is the time.

Alicia Fernandez Bobulinski
Director Outreach Programs
Making a Difference Foundation, Inc.

I am an American and I have papers to prove it. Where are yours?

Let’s start with the immigrants from England. They came here willingly and legally. They WANTED to learn our language and we were more than happy to help them. My grandparents immigrated from Italy…..a poor country with no prospects….they came here in the hopes of having a better life. They did, but they did it a completely different way. They wanted to work with us. They wanted to pay taxes and learn the English language. They knew that this was America. The home of the free and the brave….a land of opportunity….NOT the land of come on over and create a sub-culture that prevents many people from doing day to day business.

Go down to Miami in the Latino community and see what has happened. Go to the Orlando Latino community and see the same. It is as if no one cares that this IS a free nation. Free to work, learn the language and pay taxes, just as every other American. When I walked into a Miami drug store to pick up a Western Union one day I could not understand one word anyone was saying. Not one person spoke English and they laughed in my face because I didn’t. They mocked me because I was unable to convey to them what I needed. It wasn’t until one woman took pity on me and translated what I needed. What does that say for all the people who come to America from other countries who “just want to make a living?!?” It spits in the very face of our democratic culture. I would never dream of going over to Germany, demand that they learn English on my behalf with the audacity of crossing the border there illegally.

What part of illegal does no one understand?

It is not The United States’ fault that Mexico is a poor country. It is not The United States’ fault that people keep crossing our borders illegally….we just do not have the man power to stop the insanity of it all. Why does The United States have to be the “bad guy” when all we are doing is asking people to obey the law? Why does The United States feel the need and pressure to assimilate to the latino culture? I would love to go over to Mexico and have the automated phone operator say, “Press Uno for Espanol, Press Dos for English” It will NEVER happen. Why? Because other countries would never dream of changing their entire infrastructure to accommodate people who break the law.

If I break the law, I expect to be help accountable for what I have done. If people immigrant into our country illegally, we make sure they are given food, clothing, shelter, education all on top of changing our entire way of life.

While I do not agree with the decision of the Arizona governor, I do believe that too many legal Americans have sat idelly by, afraid to speak their minds for fear of retaliation from the Latino community. I am sick of sitting by and just keeping my mouth shut because some people will call me a racist or politically incorrect. Quite frankly, I could give a shit. I have worked since I was 15 years old in America and I am tired of seeing the United States of America bend over and take it in the ass. Congress, The Senate, The President and every single governing body in America need to stop allowing the demands of the Latino community dictate the rest of our nation’s way of living.

Everyone who has the desire to better their life had better learn to obey the law. The law is….if you want to live in the land of the free and the brave, you better be prepared to abide by our laws.

The 1st one being to come here legally.

Alex Vader
100% American, Born in Washington D.C.!

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